Upcoming Special Events
Annual Holiday Memorial & Dinner

Plan to join us for an evening of remembrance Tuesday, November 13th beginning at 6:30 pm. You are
welcome to invite friends and other family members of all ages. This will be a family time for us to be
together honoring each of our loved ones and enjoying a meal. The dinner will be catered. Desserts will be
provided by our Steering Committee. You just need to plan now to participate.

If you would like your loved one’s picture included in our Holiday Memorial program, please send an email to
tcffortworth@gmail.com before October 15th,
even if you wish to use the same picture as last
. Please also indicate IF you plan to attend that night or not. If you plan to attend then include how many
people will be attending with you.  This will help in planning for the catered meal. When emailing the
photo, please put November Memorial in the subject line of your email and attach the picture. Emails will be
responded to within 24 hours, so if you do not receive a return email, please resend or call the chapter
phone at (682)201-0837.

On November 13th plan to arrive at least 20 minutes early AND bring a picture of your loved one (8 x 10 or
smaller in size) to place a candle in front of during the memorial. Each family will receive a copy of the
night’s program with each loved one’s picture as well as a memento of the evening.

We ask no group photos to be taken during the memorial program. Photos may be taken before or after the
program. We look forward to a special evening with your family.