Upcoming Events
May 9th at 7pm
Chapter Meeting
Topic:  Saving the Monarch Butterfly
Presented by:  Sharon Austry, chapter member
In preparation for our Annual Butterfly Release in June, Sharon will share with us the plight
of the Monarch Butterfly and have Milkweed plants for each of us to start our own Butterfly
Garden with.

Small Group Sharing Time will follow.  Please join us.
June 13th at 7pm
Annual Butterfly Release and Potluck
We ask that you bring a dish to share.  
Feel free to invite family and friends of all ages to this special
July 12th at 7pm
Chapter Meeting
Topic:  Memento Month - please bring a memento of your loved
one to share with the group.  

A memento can be a picture, a favorite toy, an award, a piece of clothing, a song,
or something your loved one made or wrote or gave to you.  Anything that you
treasure because of the memory it holds of your loved one.

Please join us.